Proximity to me

It took me 26 years, 4 different countries to live in and countless number of events, encounters, hopes and fears to become ME the way I am now.

How can one define WHO he or she is? I think the best way is by asking yourself: “What are your beliefs in life?”  I believe in different things, but the most important ones are these 5 that form my ‘core’.
Have a purpose♥  Have a purpose

‘A goal in life is life with a goal’.  I do CARE therefore my goal in life is to create positive impact. If I do something, I want to see the results of my work as an impact on the society I live in.

I developed this attitude after 5 years of working in AIESEC, an international leadership development organisation. One can imagine AIESEC as a social enterprise for youth who want to change the world, starting from themselves.  I was responsible for national campaigns to promote AIESEC experiences –internships and leadership programs – towards students and companies. In this way I created chances for others to develop, cooperate, and change. Since then I see myself as a person who likes to facilitate positive change.

Do what I love♥ Do what I love

‘Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life’ – is a phrase that was viral on Facebook some time ago claiming it belongs to Confucius.  No matter who said it, I think it’s 100% true.

If anyone asks me ‘What do you love to do?’, I don’t need to think about it twice:

Be human, care for people♥ Be human, care for people

‘Empathy, your most powerful productivity tool’.

It is important for me to remain human no matter what. I believe in goodness of people, therefore relationships are very important for me.  I have worked in 4 countries with very different people. One of the key aspect to a successful cooperation within your team or with your partners – is to remain empathic towards your counterparts. Sometimes it makes you vulnerable but it also makes you sense and understand much more.

Follow your dreams♥  Follow my dreams

I’ve vowed to myself that in 2013 I will not compromise on my big dream. I dream to work for an organization where I can truly be myself, where I don’t need to pretend and be completely genuine. Be ME: a positive and honest girl, who loves all living beings, tries to be vegetarian and , most importantly, who wants to change the world. I’m looking for a social enterprise with like-minded people, who want to bring goodness. I will do whatever it takes, even going to another side of the planet!

Beieve in myself♥  Believe in myself

I believe that my life mission is to be a human who follows her dreams by doing things she loves to change the world for better.

And I also believe that I found a great place to live and work where I can follow my beliefs and fulfill my mission.

Fingers crossed! 🙂


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